Information Technology

Our company is recognized by many major Information Technology (IT) vendors as leading Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in Cloud Computing, Application Centric Hosting, Data Center and Application consolidation efforts. We accelerate Time-To-Value (TTV) with pre-tested, validated, best practices which simplify processes, mitigate risk, and reduce deployment time for our customers. We ensure resources are put to work and not on the shelf. We live by “One test is worth many expert opinions.” We follow a “Plan, Do, Check, Act” LEAN approach to derive our solutions. We follow a phased step-wise refinement approach rather than a “Big Bang” implementation methodology for application and hosting projects. This has proven to be an effective method to facilitate the paradigm culture shift required within the USAF environment. Bottom line, we get quick results. Using our Project BonFire methodology, Hill AFB received the 2007 Red Hat Innovator of the year award for the creation of a reliable, consistent, sustainable environment at 2% of the previous cost.

We provide a world-class staff of technical, business analyst and project management employees with extensive experience in:

• USAF Complex Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (cMRO)
• Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)
• Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
• Material Requirements Planning (MRP)
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) including government financials, operations, new manufacturing, legacy system interfaces and logistics supply chain environments.

Our staff has provided architectural and engineering support for some of the largest successful ERP deployments. We have an on-time completion rate for all projects scheduled at over 99 percent; we have never had a failed project.

Right Product – Right Price – Right Place – Right Time